Sunday, November 1, 2009

Guardian Angel

Lauren's guardian angel is working overtime BIG TIME! If he/she were paid, they should be paid triple time with all the hard work they have in watching over her. In her 7 years, she has:

Fell on the treadmill when brother plugged it in and turned it on full blast when she was standing on it. As you can see, she burned her face pretty bad. Luckily, no scarring.

Walked behind brother who was swinging a baseball bat and got hit in the eyebrow area. Small scar, but no long term damage/concussion.

Was playing at a friends house and got pushed off the roof of a small playhouse and broke her arm. Didn't involve the growth plate, so she healed just fine.

No picture, but she injured her wrist/hand while at the school's lock in. There was a large inflatable slide/bounce house in the gym. While at the top of the slide, the inflatable tipped over knocking a bunch of kids off onto the gym floor. Took her to the ER clinic, but it was just severe soft tissue breaks.

Her most recent accident....while I was vacuuming, she decided to climb up on my headboard and "timber" backwards. She ended up hitting her head on the wood foot board and cracking her head open resulting in 3 staples in her head.

She has NO fear of anything. We've had a long talk with her about thinking through things before actually doing them. She's been pretty lucky so far, but I'm afraid one of these times, she's going to be seriously injured or worse.