Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WFMW - Water Marks

I need some help! When we built our house three years ago, I HAD to have these faucets in all three of our bathrooms. I thought they looked so cool when the water flowed out of them. Now I hate them, but hubby won't replace them because they cost too much money!

We have a well here (we live in the sticks), but have a water softener. All the faucets have this white line along the sides from where the water sits after you turn the faucet off. I don't know if it's a hard water stain, salt stain or just the work of the devil. I've tried baking soda, CLR, Bar Keepers Friend and nothing seems to take these stains off. It looks horrible and I'm willing to try anything that anyone suggests!


  1. We used to live in the county and the water was so hard, it almost glopped out of the faucets. We never had any success getting the stuff off, I'm sorry to say, but we installed a water softener and at least it quit getting worse.

  2. Do you have vinegar and salt? Mix 5 Tbsp. vinegar with 2 tsp. salt until the salt is dissolved. Get the faucet wet with this solution and let it sit for a few minutes, then wet a toothbrush in the solution and scrub the faucet with it. That should take the limescale off.