Saturday, October 24, 2009


It's crazy how much hype and hysteria is being given to this H1N1 business. We had a confirmed case at Thing 1 and Thing 2's school and it happened to be in Lauren's class. There were several parents in the school that either did keep their kid home from school or thought about keeping their kids home after receiving the note about the case.

It's just a strain of the flu. Yes, we should be concerned and yes, it can be severe, but then again, so can the regular flu. I imagine that next year, H1N1 will be a common strain of flu for us.

There was a brief time that we thought maybe Lauren had it, but she was down for a day and then was back to normal with just a lingering cough. Nathaniel came home from school the next day with a fever, but slept it off with some Tylenol and all is well with him too. Hubby is battling a sinus infection, so right now, I'm the only healthy one (knock on wood). I've stocked up on Vitamin C to help ward off all the cooties around here and I follow behind everyone with a can of Lysol spraying everything they come into contact with. :)

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