Saturday, September 26, 2009

Disaster Struck

Last night the kids went to their school's lock in. In the gymnasium, they had one of those big bounce house style slides set up for the kids to play on. Whether it wasn't set up correctly or too many kids were on it and horsing around, but it tipped OVER onto the gym floor with kids on top (including my own Lauren).

The school secretary called us to tell us what had happened, but stated right away that our daughter was okay. In fact, she was insisting on staying at the lock in and didn't want to come home. The secretary said that she scraped her cheek and had a slight fat lip.

When we picked the kids up at 9pm, Lauren had a little bit of a swollen cheek, but nothing major. She did say her wrist hurt a little, but it appeared to be fine. This morning, it's a little bit swollen and she says it hurts, but we're going to wait and see how it's doing tomorrow. She can move it, so it's probably not broken.

There was one girl that was apparently taken by ambulance to the ER. Although with elementary school kids, you hear different versions of what happened so we don't know for sure what's wrong. She apparently hit her head and "cracked it open" and had trouble breathing. For now, she'll be in our prayers for a quick recovery.

Lauren was pretty scared when it happened, but seems to be okay now. It could have been so much more worse. I thank God that it wasn't!

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